Những Chiếc Lá Mùa Thu

Translated by Pham Quang Tuan

Me Viet Nam (Mother Vietnam)
Pham Duy

In my opinion, one of the greatest and most moving works in Vietnamese music.

Introduction to Pham Duy's song cycle "Me Viet Nam"

by Pham Quang Tuan

Me Viêt Nam, Part I: Mother's Earth

1. Our Mother lyrics | score
2. Beautiful Mother lyrics | score
3. Mother's Wait lyrics | score
4. Mother's Rice lyrics | score
5. She Welcomes Father lyrics | score 

Me Viêt Nam, Part II: Mother's Mountains

6. Mother's Question lyrics | score
7. The Festival Is Over lyrics | score
8. Mother In The Traveller's Heart lyrics | score
9. Mother's Answer lyrics | score
10. Mother Turns Into Stone lyrics | score 

Me Viêt Nam, Part III: Mother's Rivers  

11. Longing To Go Home lyrics | score
12. Obsessed Rivers lyrics | score
13. Rivers Engulfing Mother lyrics | score
14. Rivers Which Have Lost their Way lyrics | score
15. Rivers of Division lyrics | score 

Me Viêt Nam, Part IV: Mother's Ocean  

16. Mother Ocean lyrics | score
17. Waves On The Eastern Sea lyrics | score
18. Homeward Sail the Boats lyrics | score
19. Lightning On The Sea, Rain On The Springs lyrics | score
20. Silting Sands and Swirling Clouds lyrics | score
21. O Mother Vietnam lyrics | score 

Me Viêt Nam, Finale: Viet Nam

Miscellaneous Folk Songs by Pham Duy

Pham Duy collected (and sometimes adapted) many Vietnamese folk songs, and made them well known among modern Viet audiences.

Rice Drum Song (Tình Tu Tin) Lyrics | Score

The Wind On The Bridge (Qua Câu Gio Bay) Lyrics | Score

Pretty Bamboo Tree (Cây Truc Xinh) Lyrics | Score

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